Canidae is a prominent pet food brand that is well-known for producing high-quality and sustainable pet nutrition products. As a pet owner, you may be curious to know who owns Canidae and the details behind its ownership. In this article, we will explore the ownership of Canidae dog food, including the recent merger and the companies involved. By understanding the ownership structure, you can gain insights into the brand’s values and commitment to providing nutritious meals for your beloved pets.

Key Takeaways:

  • Discover the ownership structure of Canidae dog food
  • Explore the recent merger and the companies involved
  • Understand how the ownership impacts the brand’s values and commitment to quality
  • Gain insights into the brand’s dedication to sustainable pet nutrition
  • Learn how the ownership structure positions Canidae for future growth and innovation

Introduction to Canidae Dog Food

Before delving into the ownership of Canidae, it’s essential to understand the brand itself. Canidae is a premium pet food company that has been in the industry for over 25 years. They are dedicated to providing pets with nutritious meals made from high-quality ingredients. Canidae offers a range of dog and cat food products, focusing on the well-being of pets and the planet by embracing regenerative agriculture and sustainable practices. With this commitment to quality and sustainability, Canidae has established itself as a trusted name in the pet food industry.

Canidae emphasizes the importance of pet nutrition and the impact it has on the overall health and happiness of animals. Their pet food products are carefully crafted to provide the essential nutrients needed for pets to thrive. Whether it’s dry kibble, canned food, or treats, Canidae ensures that each product is made with high-quality ingredients sourced from trusted suppliers.

The brand’s dedication to pet nutrition goes beyond just providing tasty meals. Canidae also strives to be environmentally conscious and sustainable. They believe in the power of regenerative agriculture and its positive impact on the planet. By supporting regenerative farming practices, Canidae aims to contribute to a healthier and more sustainable food system.

Canidae’s commitment to pet nutrition and sustainability sets them apart in the pet food market. Pet owners can feel confident in choosing Canidae for their furry friends, knowing that they are providing them with nourishing meals made with care and consideration for the environment.

The Birth of Canidae: A Commitment to Premium Pet Nutrition

Canidae’s journey began 25 years ago when it was founded by two devoted pet owners who shared a vision to revolutionize pet food. With a strong belief in the importance of providing pets with the best nutrition, Canidae aimed to create a brand that prioritized quality and excellence.

Foundation and Philosophy of Canidae

At the foundation of Canidae is a deep-rooted philosophy centered on delivering premium pet nutrition. The brand’s philosophy is to provide pets with simple, responsible nutrition that supports their overall well-being. Canidae understands that pets are part of the family, and their health and happiness matter.

With this philosophy in mind, Canidae rigorously sources high-quality ingredients and carefully formulates their recipes to deliver essential nutrients. This dedication to quality is what sets Canidae apart and has earned them a reputation as a trusted brand in the pet food industry.

Canidae’s Journey to Excellence in Pet Food Manufacturing


Canidae’s commitment to excellence extends to their manufacturing process. Every step of the manufacturing journey is carefully executed to ensure the highest standards of quality and safety. From sourcing ingredients to the final packaging, Canidae leaves no room for compromise.

Canidae’s manufacturing facilities operate with state-of-the-art technology, adhering to strict quality control measures. This meticulous approach guarantees that each product meets the brand’s exacting standards, giving pet owners peace of mind that they are providing their pets with the best nutrition available.

Key Features of Canidae’s Commitment to Premium Pet Nutrition:
High-quality ingredients: Canidae sources premium ingredients to ensure optimal nutrition for pets.
Essential nutrients: Canidae’s recipes are carefully crafted to deliver the essential nutrients pets need to thrive.
Responsible nutrition: Canidae believes in providing pets with responsible nutrition that promotes their overall well-being.
Meticulous manufacturing process: Canidae maintains rigorous quality control measures throughout their manufacturing process.
Trusted brand reputation: Canidae’s commitment to excellence has earned them a trusted reputation in the pet food industry.

Canidae’s journey to excellence in pet food manufacturing continues to drive their commitment to providing high-quality pet nutrition. With a strong foundation and a philosophy centered on responsible nutrition, Canidae remains dedicated to nurturing the health and happiness of pets worldwide.

Who Owns Canidae Dog Food: The Recent Merger

Canidae, as a leading pet food brand, recently underwent a merger with another prominent company in the pet food industry, Natural Balance. This merger was a strategic move to bring together two renowned specialty pet food companies with complementary offerings, aiming to drive innovation, growth, and deliver even better products to pet owners.

Details of Canidae’s Merger with Natural Balance

The exact details of the merger, including the terms and conditions, have not been publicly disclosed. However, the merger involved combining the strengths and resources of Canidae and Natural Balance to create a more robust and competitive entity in the pet food market. The merger signifies a significant milestone for Canidae, as it represents a strategic move that leverages the individual strengths of both companies to enhance their market presence and achieve synergistic benefits.

By merging with Natural Balance, Canidae can expand its product offerings, tap into new customer bases, and accelerate its growth trajectory. The merger also facilitates the sharing of best practices, technological advancements, and expertise between the two brands, leading to continued advancements in pet nutrition and product development.

Strategic Goals Behind the Merger

The merger between Canidae and Natural Balance was driven by a set of strategic goals aimed at enhancing the overall business prospects of both brands. These strategic goals include:

  • Combining the strengths of Canidae and Natural Balance to create a more comprehensive and diversified product portfolio that meets the evolving needs of pet owners.
  • Streamlining manufacturing capabilities to improve operational efficiencies and ensure consistent quality across product lines.
  • Investing in innovation and research to develop new and improved pet food formulations that prioritize nutrition, taste, and overall pet well-being.
  • Strengthening partnerships with key pet retailers to expand market reach, improve distribution, and enhance brand visibility.

By pursuing these strategic goals, Canidae intends to further solidify its position as a leading player in the pet food industry, offering pet owners high-quality, nutritious, and sustainable pet food options for their beloved companions.

canidae dog food merger

Unveiling Canidae’s Ownership: L Catterton’s Role

L Catterton, a leading global consumer-focused investment firm, holds a significant stake in Canidae’s ownership structure. As the majority shareholder of Canidae, L Catterton has played a crucial role in supporting the brand’s growth and strategic initiatives.

With extensive experience in the pet category, L Catterton brings valuable insights and resources to help Canidae thrive in the competitive pet food market. Their involvement underscores the confidence and commitment to Canidae’s potential as a top pet food brand.


Nexus Capital Management: Co-Owner of Canidae

Nexus Capital Management, an alternative asset investment company, plays a crucial role as a co-owner of Canidae. Their partnership with Canidae brings together their expertise and resources to support the long-term expansion and success of the brand. Nexus Capital Management’s investment in Canidae showcases their confidence in the brand’s potential and aligns with their strategy of partnering with leading management teams and businesses. This collaboration fosters a strong foundation for growth and innovation within the pet food industry.

nexus capital management canidae ownership

By leveraging Nexus Capital Management’s experience and resources, Canidae is well-positioned to drive further success and seize opportunities for growth in the competitive pet food market. Together, Canidae and Nexus Capital Management create a formidable team, dedicated to delivering premium pet nutrition and advancing the boundaries of excellence within the industry.

Highlighting Canidae’s Product Offerings Post-Merger

Canidae’s Pure, Goodness, and All Life Stages Lines

Following the merger, Canidae continues to offer a wide array of premium pet food products. Their product lines have expanded to include Pure, Goodness, and All Life Stages, which cater to the nutritional needs of dogs at different life stages.

Natural Balance’s Contribution with Limited Ingredient and Original Ultra Lines

In addition to Canidae’s existing product lines, the merger with Natural Balance brings the inclusion of their Limited Ingredient (LI) and Original Ultra lines. These additions further expand Canidae’s offerings, providing pet owners with a diverse range of options to choose from, ensuring that every pet can enjoy a nutritious and tailored diet.

How the Merger Positions Canidae for the Future

The merger between Canidae and Natural Balance sets the stage for a promising future for Canidae as a leading pet food brand. By joining forces, the combined strength of both companies’ resources and expertise fosters innovation and product development, paving the way for the creation of even better and more advanced pet food options.

With increased investment in research and development, Canidae aims to stay at the forefront of the industry, continuously improving its offerings to meet the evolving needs of pets and pet owners. This commitment to innovation ensures that Canidae will remain a trusted choice for pet nutrition.

Furthermore, the merger provides significant benefits for pet retailers. The expanded product portfolio resulting from the merger allows retailers to offer a broader range of Canidae products to their customers. This diverse selection caters to the varied dietary preferences and requirements of pets, enhancing the overall shopping experience for pet owners.

Ultimately, the merger between Canidae and Natural Balance translates into numerous advantages for pet owners. The increased investment in innovation and product development means that pet owners can expect enhanced nutrition options for their furry friends. This includes advanced formulations that address specific dietary needs, improved ingredient quality, and increased variety.

By strategically positioning itself in the market through this merger, Canidae aims to provide pet owners with top-quality and sustainable pet nutrition, enabling them to make informed choices about their pets’ wellbeing.


canidae post-merger impact

Benefits for Pet Retailers Benefits for Consumers
  • Expanded product portfolio
  • Increased variety to cater to diverse customer needs
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction
  • Improved competitive advantage
  • Advanced and innovative pet food options
  • Improved ingredient quality
  • Expanded variety to cater to specific dietary needs
  • Increased trust in Canidae as a leading brand

The Manufacturing Symbiosis: Canidae and Natural Balance

The merger between Canidae and Natural Balance not only brings together their product offerings but also fosters a manufacturing symbiosis. Canidae operates its own manufacturing facilities, including a Pet Nutrition plant in Brownwood, Texas. This facility ensures complete control over the production process, from sourcing high-quality ingredients to packaging the final products.

Natural Balance, on the other hand, utilizes a co-packer procurement strategy for their manufacturing needs. By leveraging the strengths of both approaches, the combined company can optimize production capabilities, ensuring the efficient delivery of premium pet food products.

Canidae’s Commitment to Sustainability Pre and Post Merger

Sustainability is a fundamental value for Canidae that extends both pre and post-merger. The brand is dedicated to embracing regenerative agriculture and sustainable practices to minimize the environmental impact of pet food production.

Canidae understands the importance of responsible ingredient sourcing and actively partners with US farmers to ensure the procurement of ethically and responsibly produced ingredients. This commitment to sustainability allows pet owners to make a choice that aligns with their values, prioritizing the well-being of both pets and the planet.

canidae sustainability commitment

Regenerative Agriculture and Sustainable Practices

Canidae believes in the power of regenerative agriculture, which focuses on rebuilding soil health, increasing biodiversity, and enhancing ecosystems. By implementing regenerative agricultural practices, Canidae not only provides nutritious meals for pets but also contributes to the preservation and restoration of the environment.

Partnering with US Farmers for Ingredient Sourcing

Canidae’s commitment to sustainability is reflected in their partnership with US farmers for ingredient sourcing. By collaborating with local farmers, Canidae ensures a responsible and ethical supply chain, promoting the use of sustainable farming methods and supporting local communities.

Global Expansion and Growth: Canidae’s Strategic Outlook

With the merger and strong ownership backing, Canidae is well-positioned for global expansion and growth. The combined resources and expertise of L Catterton and Nexus Capital Management provide the necessary support to drive international expansion for the brand.

Canidae’s strategic outlook includes:

  • Expanding their presence in new markets
  • Introducing innovative pet food solutions
  • Further establishing themselves as a leading player in the global pet food industry

As a pet owner, you can expect to see Canidae’s products reaching more markets, enabling more pet parents to provide their furry friends with nutritious and sustainable meals.


In conclusion, Canidae is a leading pet food brand that is dedicated to providing your furry friend with premium and sustainable nutrition. With the recent merger with Natural Balance and the involvement of L Catterton and Nexus Capital Management, Canidae is well-positioned for continued success and growth in the industry. The brand’s unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability ensures that you can trust Canidae to deliver nutritious meals made from responsibly sourced ingredients for your beloved pet.

By choosing Canidae, you are not only giving your pet a delicious and wholesome diet but also supporting a brand that values the well-being of pets and the environment. Canidae’s dedication to producing high-quality pet food is reflected in their rigorous manufacturing process and their partnerships with local farmers to source ingredients responsibly.

As an owner of Canidae dog food, you can have peace of mind knowing that you are providing your pet with the best nutrition possible. With Canidae, you can nurture the health and happiness of your furry companion while contributing to a more sustainable future. Trust Canidae to be your partner in giving your pet a long, healthy, and fulfilling life.


Who owns Canidae dog food?

Canidae is owned by L Catterton, a leading global consumer-focused investment firm, and Nexus Capital Management, an alternative asset investment company.

What is Canidae’s commitment to pet nutrition?

Canidae is dedicated to providing pets with nutritious meals made from high-quality ingredients. They focus on simple, responsible nutrition that promotes overall well-being.

How has Canidae’s ownership changed with the recent merger?

Canidae recently merged with Natural Balance, another leading pet food brand. L Catterton and Nexus Capital Management continue to be the major owners of Canidae post-merger.

What are the strategic goals behind Canidae’s merger with Natural Balance?

The merger aims to combine the strengths of both brands, streamline manufacturing capabilities, invest in product innovation, and strengthen partnerships with key pet retailers.

What is L Catterton’s role in Canidae’s ownership?


L Catterton is a significant majority shareholder of Canidae. They provide expertise and resources to support the brand’s growth and strategic initiatives.

Who is Nexus Capital Management in relation to Canidae’s ownership?

Nexus Capital Management is a co-owner of Canidae. Their investment showcases their confidence in Canidae’s potential and aligns with their strategy of partnering with leading management teams and businesses.

What product offerings can I expect from Canidae post-merger?

Canidae offers a wide range of premium pet food products, including their popular lines such as Pure, Goodness, All Life Stages, and the inclusion of Limited Ingredient and Original Ultra lines from Natural Balance.

How does the merger position Canidae for the future?

The merger enhances innovation and product development at Canidae, benefits pet retailers and consumers with a broader range of products, and strengthens Canidae’s position as a leading player in the pet food industry.

What is the manufacturing symbiosis between Canidae and Natural Balance?

Canidae operates its own manufacturing facilities, while Natural Balance utilizes a co-packer procurement strategy. This combination optimizes production capabilities for efficient delivery of premium pet food products.

What is Canidae’s commitment to sustainability?

Canidae embraces regenerative agriculture and sustainable practices in their operations, including responsible and ethical ingredient sourcing.

What is Canidae’s strategic outlook for global expansion and growth?

Canidae aims to expand its presence in new markets, introduce innovative pet food solutions, and establish itself as a leading player in the global pet food industry.

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